Monday, August 31, 2009


I'm knitting socks. Well trying to teach myself how to knit them actually. Things are off to a pretty slow start. These teeny tiny baby needles, and this precious fingering yarn that is finer than hair! That pattern that I don't understand...I mean Old Norwegian cast on? I have never heard of that and I looked up the video on knitting help but! You have got to be kidding me. I read the directions from the pattern and watched the video but I am still lost! I need helllp! Because those totally are not my socks over there. :)

For now I'm just using the cast on method that I know. I'm sure it will make things weird or screw something up in the pattern. I'm just too tired to mess with something that I worked at for at least ten minutes and know the same about it as when I first started. If I was not so tired or anxious to get on with the sock knitting I would give it more time. I'm sure that tomorrow, well not tomorrow but the next time I pick up my needles I will put more effort into learning this new (to me) cast on method.

If only I owned that book over there to the right! Then maybe I would have more to go off of! LOL! Then again there are plenty of resources on the internet, and I know that I will figure all of this out. If anyone has any hints or tips for me please let me know. Any information ya'll have to share with me about sock knitting would be great.

Wish me luck!

Update: I have been knitting for at least an hour and a half. In this 90 minutes I managed to get the right amount of stitches cast on, divided them the way I was supposed. Then everything all went terribly wrong. I somehow managed to have my work on only two needles instead of three. I figured out how to remedy that pretty quickly. Then it became increasingly clear as I went along that I could not follow the simple *K2, P1, K2, P1, repeat from * pattern. I pressed on anyway hoping that I was wrong about the (several, I'm sure) mistakes I made in this simple repeat. Then when I went to the second round I got through about 10 stitches and suddenly realized that I was no longer going to be using those set of repeats (I should have switched to *K1, RT (see Stitch Guide), k1, p1, RT, p1; rep from *
to end), but I did not bother to double check the pattern. I just kept on with my knitting and purling and totally forgot that "rnd 2" was supposed to be using a different set of repeats.

So I can:
1-Rip out and start over
2-Keep knitting the cuff pattern (yes they are top down socks) until I get it and THEN frog
3-Knit the whole sock even though there are bound to be many, many more mistakes along with the laundry list I have provided thus far.

I am rooting for option 3 because:
1-I am not going to knit two socks when the first one is so jacked up so,
2-I can just knit this one "practice" sock and frame it
3-Learn all of the things I have no idea how to do at this point including: Learn how to keep stitches tight when I switch needles, turn the heel of a sock, and make a toe.

I'll keep everyone updated as I progress. It might take me FOREVER to knit this one very ugly sock, but I'm going to get this all figured out even if it hurts my tender little fingers and makes me cry! Trial and error, my friends, trial and error.

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