Monday, November 22, 2010

Seasons Greetings

Thanksgiving is just a few days away. I cannot wait! I am also looking forward to Black Friday, and then finals weeks, and then Christmas, and then my birthday. This time of year is always so awesome. It always takes me a while to get warmed up, but once I do it is game on. Yesterday was when I finally got geared up for the holidays. I have completed my Christmas list of knitting goodness for my people; now all I have to do is start knitting....hahahaha

Personally, since it has gotten colder I cast on a new scarf. I know that I have hundreds of other UFOs, but ya'll know how I am! I literally cannot help myself. Every hobby that I have has tons of UFOs. I go where my inspiration takes me, and most of the time inspiration takes me somewhere new and away from something old. Eventually I finish projects, but sometimes that takes months or years. I'm more than fine with that. Sometimes it is frustrating having so much unfinished business, but most of the time I actually enjoy being so fluid in my decisions on what to create, and when.

Pictures will be posted soon. I always intend on taking pics when I get home from school and while I work on projects, but as you can plainly see that does not happen as often as I plan for it. Then again, that is how my life goes with ALL of my intentions...craft and otherwise. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anyway I wanted to post SOMETHING to make it known that I am working on things (slowly but surely). Most of my time will be consumed with Christmas projects (knitting and other). Yay! :-) 

Friday, November 5, 2010


I know that it has been forever since I have updated! I still do not have anything to share because I have been so busy with work and school.

The plan is get started with my Christmas list ASAP, but I probably will not be posting much of that list until after the holiday.

For now I am still working on Corona. I have made it all the way up the body to the point just before it Vs open (the cable section). For now, I am taking a break from the body and working on the arms. As always, I have cast on a million times and am still nowhere. There are a lot of kinks to be worked out apparently...and they are all on my end cos the pattern is perfect! Three or four time there has been 4 or more inches of knitting frogged, but I am perfectionist so I am fine with that.

When I get home later this evening I will try and remember to take some pics to at least there is something along the lines of updates.

How are all of you projects going?