Saturday, August 22, 2009

FO: Thingy

I have given up trying to find a name for this thing. I gave it to my mom and she is going to use it on the dining room table underneath the center piece. So it really is just a knitted thingy. One would think that I would come up with a grander name for my first FO (finished object) post ever/in history/finally, but that is not the case, clearly. Anyway on with the awesome pictures of my knitted awesomeness!

Pattern: I found the pattern for this free online at Knitting Knonsense. Click here to see it.

Yarn: Red Heart Ltd. Super Saver Multis/Ombres in the Ocean colorway.

Needles: US7

Modifications: None

Who it is for: Mom

What I learned while knitting this project: I learned some basic lace pattern knitting stitches.

What I was doing/Where I was while knitting this project: I began this project at home, took it to Tunica, MS with me. So I worked on it at home, at the airport, on the plane, in the hotel at Gold Strike (the casino I was working at), and then on the trip home, and finished it right here.

How long: Almost three months. This sounds absurd. However, I am terrible at just knitting one project at a time. If I were to just sit down and knit I could totally do this in a day.

I liked this pattern a lot. So much in fact that I have cast on a second one and it will probably take me just as long to complete as the first one since it won't be the primary project I'm working on. I have memorized the pattern and the project itself is portable so maybe it will not take as long. That remains to be seen.

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