Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm making progress on the lacey round knitted thing I've been working on. Even though it is a fairly simple pattern that I'm working on I have had to rip out three times. I think that is silly but at least I have enough patience to go back to correct my mistakes and do things the right way. This patter is a lot of fun and I like it because it is fairly simple but there is still enough going on to keep my interest. However, since there is almost always something new going on with each row (the pattern repeats a lot but there is stuff changing all the time) I need to pay a lot of attention to my knitting. That is obviously something I have not been doing, but will work on it next time I pick up my needles for this pattern.

I will be working for the next three weeks so don't know how much time I will have to update the old blogy-blog or even to knit so I have will have things to report. As always I will at least make an effort to put something new up here every once in a while, even if it isn't strickly crafting related.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


I finally got serious about buying an mp3 player this past Christmas, after years and years of not having one. It took me so long because I am insanely indecisive especially when it comes to electronic purchases. So I did (literally!) hours of research online trying to figure out which brand, and then which model, of player I wanted. I had done research before but never decided on what to buy. Anyway, as I said, I finally got serious about this purchase and decided on the Creative Zen. I am very, very happy with my choice. It is super easy to use and it was a great choice for me to start out with. I won't bore you with all of the details on why it is so great, but if you really want to know why I'll tell you!

Originally I bought an mp3 player just to have music with me all of the time. Now I am ready to try podcasts, videos, and all the other cool stuff that I was too overwhelmed with at first. I had no idea how any of this worked and I basically just assumed that since I didn't have an iPod I wouldn't be able to listen to "podcasts". Well this is not true. I searched google and found that there is this HUGE site out there called ZENcast. There are millions of songs, videos, and even TV channels at

When I found this amazing site I was totally thrilled. I am having so much fun trying to figure all of this out. There is tons of help for me on the site too so I don't feel like such a dummy. Creative has a lifetime customer in me between their stellar devices and super awesome websites.

Alright well that is enough for now. I am going to play around with my new discovery for a while. I will keep everyone updated on the awesome things that I find.

As for any knitting or scrapbook news I have none because I have been soooooo busy with so many other things. I am actuallly getting ready to go back to work for another month so I doubt there will be any posts about knitting (or anything of the kind) anytime soon but as soon as there is something to report y'all will be the first to know! Hopefully soon I will have more free time to work on my crafty-type stuff. Or maybe I'll just learn how to manage my time more successfully....