Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hogwarts Scarf

I am what you might call a Harry Potter fanatic. I am obsessed with the books and movies and have been for over eight years. So when I found this free pattern for making a Hogwarts House scarf I had to immediately start it.
I had to go out and buy a 16" size US9 circular needle and the appropriate colors for this pattern. The pattern recommends a size 6 or 8 needle but I prefer to work with larger needles. I'm sure some day I will try the pattern with even smaller needles but not this time. It is the first time that I have knit in the round and it is going well so far. I like it quite a lot. There is not as much to keep track off when I'm taking a break.
This is the progress that I have made so far. The colors of the yarn do not show up quite so well in the pictures. I will have to experiment with light and such a bit when I post updates. The scarlet yarn is Red Heart (worsted/4) #0376 Burgundy. The gold/yellow color is TLC Essentials which is a Red Heart brand (worsted/4) #2327 Sandstone. These colors would not be my first choice but after working with them a little I do like how well they go together. The colors fit my purpose and since they were the only colors I could find in a store I'm happy. I did not want to have to wait for something I ordered online to show up. Maybe next time I will try some of the suggestions that are found on the website but for now I'm glad I got to start the project right away.

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