Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Aunt Purl

So I have mentioned this amazing knitting blog that I have found once before. It is some of the funniest material that I have ever read, and it is even funnier because it is real. Very real, fun, emotional, knitting-related, and just so nice to read. The author refers to herself as Crazy Aunt Purl, and is a very talented writer and pretty nifty with computers because she often includes tons of pictures with captions and all sorts of other fun stuff. Ya'll will just have to check it out.

It is more than knitting because she started it just a couple of months after her husband left her. So it is about learning how to knit, learning how to emotionally deal with divorce, and her four cats. She calls her house Chez Spinster, even though she totally socializes all the time! I have been reading the archives because this blog started in 2005 and it is definitely worth my time to read all of the old posts. I encourage all of you to do the same. Or to at least START reading it now!

The link to this hilarious blog is here.

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