Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pictures, as promised

Finally got a chance to take some pictures of the knitting that I have been working on. They are not very good pictures, but at least you can get a vague idea of what I have been talking about. The pictures were taken on my cell phone so don't expect any sort of quality in the images.

This is the test swatch for my windmill blanket. I LOVE how the yarn knits up in the pattern, and trust me the pictures does not do it justice. It looks fabulous and I can't wait until I am finished knitting a couple of repeats on the blanket so I can take pictures to share of what that looks like.

These are just a couple of close-up shots of the the test swatch for the pattern. I have cast on for the actual blanket and am about halfway done with the first pattern repeat. I did not think that this would be a portable project, but for now it is so I will be working on it a bit more when I am out and about. I try and working on my knitting during breaks at work, and most nights that works out fine. We'll see how long it takes me to finish this blanket. Hopefully it gets done soon so I can give it to my honeybear. :)

As I announced a couple of posts ago, I FINALLY completed the curtains for my room. I am so excited about my first sewing project being done and hanging up in my room. They look fabulous. Again, the pictures aren't amazing, but they will do for now.

Pictures need to be taken of my curtains in better lighting and that would help show off the fabric a lot better,  but for now here is the gist of what they look like.

It took me a lot longer than it should have to finish my curtains, but that is just how I am with projects. I got most of the work done in just a couple of days. Within three days of buying the fabric I had the two panels measured, cut, pinned, and sew together. Plus I had all of the tabs cut out, and mostly sewn together, but that is where the hold up was for like two months. I was just too lazy to sew the tabs together and then sew the tabs onto the curtains. However, I finally got the motivation (thanks mostly to my mom) to just get it done. She sewed the tabs onto the curtains for me, and then we hung the curtains. So now on to my next sewing project, which I think will be pillows and sheets for my bed. It will probably be months from now when I get that done, but like I said that is just how it goes in my craft room!

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