Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The hold up

Finally picked my hoodie back up. I have only made a small amount of progress on it today, but that is because I am finally getting to the "meaty" part of the pattern (it isn't just 1x1 ribbing or stockinette stitch anymore) and it took me a couple of tries to get the stitch markers in the right places for the cable section, and it took me two tries to get the necessary stitches on the holder.

This is the first time that I have knit cables so I am taking a break from knitting the body of the sweater to practice cables a couple of times before I do them on this pattern. In the meantime I decided that I was going to knit the arms of the sweater. Well things aren't going so well thus far in that endeavor. For some reason, I have serious issues when joining in the round. Not sure what the problem is, but it ALWAYS takes me multiple tries to get it right. Today is no exception. Nor have I ever had luck when knitting with DPN's in the past. However, I figure that now is my chance to work out the aforementioned issues: knitting on DPN's, joining for in-the-round knitting, and knitting cables.

This pattern seems like it knits up very quickly so I am sure that I will be knitting it again very soon. It will be nice to see how it goes the second time around...that is if I ever figure out how to make the dang sweater that first time around.

In other news, the windmill blanket is on the needles. I finished the test swatches a couple of days ago, which I took pictures of and will post pictures (along with all of the other pictures I promised in the last post) in a couple of days. I am a little more than halfway done with the first pattern repeat. Did I mention how in LOVE with this yarn I am? When the blanket is finished there will definietely be a ravelry search for a pattern of a top or something so I can use this yarn on something for myself. The colors are fabulous.

More later, but until next time happy knitting!!

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