Sunday, May 10, 2009

Pictures at last!

I am almost done with the winter booties! I have finished knitting both booties. I just have to do all of the finishing and weaving. This is my least favorite part of knitting, well after casting on, so I think that I'm going to wait until tomorrow to finish up this project.

I am too excited to start a new project! I have cast on a hooded baby blanket. I am knitting this for one of my co-workers that is having twins. I don't know if I am going to make two of the same blankets or find another pattern. I will decide when I finish this one. If I really love the pattern I will knit the same one. However, if I find something else cool along the way I will try that. Twins ALWAYS get the same so I think it would be cool to knit them unique pieces so they can have something that is their own.

It is always so amazing to me to see how yarn can transform into useful objects!
This is what things looked like after I shaped the inseam for the first boot.
I was so excited to finish the first bootie!

Here they both are! Like I said I just have some last minute stuff to finish up and then I will post the FO write-up and pictures! Y'all can probably expect that sometime tomorrow.

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