Monday, May 18, 2009

Casting on again!

So I've started yet another new project.

I still haven't finished the Harry Potter scarf.

Still haven't done the finishing for the baby winter booties.

I am most of the way done knitting the baby blanket. However, I still need to do more knitting for the main part of the blanket. Then I need to knit the hood, which is ten inches of knitting. Then I need to block and finish.

The new project that I have started seems simple but fun. I picked it because it is something that I hopefully get done quickly, and use up some yarn that I have lying around. I have a ton of yarn hanging out that I bought just because I liked it or it was on sale so there aren't any projects in mind for the yarns. I think I do better when I find a pattern first and then buy the yarn.

My knitting goals for today and tomorrow:

1. Finish baby booties.
2. Complete the main part of the baby blanket.
3. Get the HP scarf out and start working on it again.

My knitting goals before I start yet another new project:

1. Finish booties, blanket, scarf, and this project.
2. Pick something I haven't tried before like socks or a sweater.
3. Buy supplies necessary for new project.

This pattern
My ravelry post for this project

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