Friday, October 23, 2009

Simply Knitting

Mom went shopping today and when she came back she had presents for me!

A book: The Art of Drawing. (Yay!)

As well as a knitting  magazine from the UK called Simply Knitting.

Let me tell you, people I am IN LOVE with the magazine. I spent about an hour flipping through it and reading most of it. There mag has so much to offer including: letters from reading with pictures of knitting projects, ideas for charities to knit for, knitting around the world, knitting patterns, reviews of books, mags, and websites, products, yarn, etc, pictures of knitting techniques, and stories on a myriad of topics and events. The thing I liked the most was that it felt like it was a look at the knitting community in the UK, and around the world. There was a "home-y" feel to everything. There is a lot of reader participation and contests. I really like it. Oh and the greatest part is that you get a free gift with every issue AND the knitting penpal ads (did you hear people hear me, KNITTING penpals?!!). The gift that I got was a knitting calendar for 2010! How adorable is that? Every month has a different pattern.

Some of the websites that I discovered in October's Issue:

  • A new (well new to me) knitting blog to read by knitting Designer Jared Flood. Link
  • Sock Museum This is a website with the history of sock making, including sock patterns from all over the world that have been knit throughout history. Wicked cool!
  • Craft Blips This is a site that searches all over the internet looking for "craft news and gossip". News about all different types of crafts including knitting, crochet, paper crafts, and quilting. Apparently there are several "Blips" sites gathering news on all sorts of topics. This site is the newest addtion to their collection. It's kind of, and I mean kind of, like the Digg of knitting.
Probably much more to come about this mag! Check it out if the get the chance. Mom found it at Barnes and Nobels and I looked online and you can order it directly from their website or from Amazon.