Friday, June 25, 2010

Expierements in Blocking

So believe it or not I have never officially blocked anything before. Although from what I've heard on some podcasts and read on other people's knitting blogs I am not the only one! Not the only one that worked through quite a few projects before they discovered blocking. I figured out what blocking was after my first handful of projects but I just have never done it.

Well within the last week I got my shipment of goodies from Knit Picks, and in those two wonderful boxes were: a ball winder, blocking mats, lack blocking wires with T-pins, and a new book! More on the book later. I plan to do a review of the book in fact because I am so in love with how wonderful it is!!!

Since receiving so many blocking products I was inspired to finally block the Waffle Scarf that I knit for Mother's Day. Yeah it is a little over due...but at least I am getting it done now! Presumably I will be able to present my mom with a completed scarf, finally! On Mother's Day I actually gifted the darn thing while it was still on the needles. Now it has taken me a couple of months to weave in the ends and block it. But hey we all know that is how I am with my knitting well as everything else that I have going on in my life.

In other news, the Windmill Blanket has been frogged because the person I was making it for does not deserve anything handmade or anything at all really. No, I don't want to talk about it.

The most exciting news of the day is that since I got my ball winder my stash is so much neater now. All of my HP yarn as well as the yarn that I am using for projects I have on the needles right now is wound into neat little honeycombs. Which may not sounds like a lot, but it is. There was a lot of HP (Harry Potter) colored yarn that needed to be wound and organized, and I have three projects on the needles right now. So anyway about half of my stash is in much better shape now.

Finally, I can't show any pictures of the progress of my knitting projects because I am doing a swap (my first ever!) and not that my partner would check my blog, but just in case I want to keep everything a surprise.

I feel like I have much more control over my knitting now that I have a ball winder to organize things with and blocking mats, et all to finish the projects that I complete. I am a much happier knitter now! If that was even possible. Book review to come shortly (and of course by shortly I mean...eventually).

Ta-ta for now. Happy knitting.

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